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President’s Statement

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Tomato Specialized Bank, I have a great pleasure to present Annual Report and financial statements of Tomato Specialized Bank, TSB, for the fiscal year of 2015. I hope that Annual Report will help broaden stakeholders’ understanding of the business performance of TSB.TSB is a specialized financial institution functioning on small and medium size credit markets in Cambodia. The Bank has maintained a sustainable growth with profit among specialized bank in Cambodia since 2008. The Bank continues to contribute to Cambodia’s economic development by ensuring the access of small and medium size entrepreneurs to financial services.Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our customer, shareholders, board of directors, and specially National Bank of Cambodia for continuing support.A special thanks go to our staff for their endeavors to the achievement of this year.Doo Yoon Kim, President/CEO Tomato Specialized Bank

Products and Services
Soft title deeds are accepted depend on the collateral's location. The Tomato Specialized Bank will convert it to hard title deeds after loan is disbursed.
We support Agriculture by providing the Agriculture Loan for long term with structure the loan repayment to suit borrower condition and ability.                                                                                                                                               
The bank provides up to 10 years loan terms. The repayment method is depend on the discussion among customers and bank.
The minimum loan amount is US$ 5,000. This option is easy for personal consumptions and micro businesses.

Trip To Singapore

24 Jun, 2016

Tomato Specialized Bank had to visit Singapore city on 22 Feb, 2015.  ... [ More ]

The 3rd Bank Anniversary

11 Aug, 2011

Tomato Specialized Bank had celebrated its 3rd Anniversary from 29th to 31st July 2011 at eco-tourism of Mondulkiri Province in Cambodia. After arriving, the management and staff conference was started on July 30, 2011. The conference was summarizing the past performance and planning for coming year. The occasion was a good opportunity between management and staffs to come together sharing and relaxing.  ... [ More ]

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