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President’s Statement

I am pleased to announce that Tomato Specialized Bank (TSB) has a number of remarkable achievements to its name in 2016 thanks to the support of its valued customers and capable staff. Since its inception in 2008, TSB experienced a series of poor performances. In 2015, for instance, TSB’s net profit amounted to $78,110 and it had a high non-performing loan (NPL) ratio of 14.3%. However, things have taken a turn for the better for TSB with the introduction of advanced bank operation practices with active loan disbursements. TSB experienced a phenomenal spike in growth in business performance, recording a net profit of $627,033 and a NPL ratio of 1.6%. Additionally, TSB’s assets grew 8.98%, from $8.8 M to $9.6 M within a year, partially owing to a new special micro-loan with a 1% monthly interest rate. Its return on assets (ROA) has increased towards a healthy 6.8%, clearly outperforming most banks in the Kingdom.However, with our keen efforts to improve performance, numerous foreign financial institutions have approached us for acquisition or equity participations in 2016. I believe TSB will continue to contribute to the development of Cambodian society by providing competitive loans with strong financial fundamentals. In conclusion, we are pushing forward and now all eyes are on 2017 and we are excited to see how things go with regard to growth figures.Doo Yoon Kim, President/CEO Tomato Specialized Bank

Products and Services
Soft title deeds are accepted depend on the collateral's location. The Tomato Specialized Bank will convert it to hard title deeds after loan is disbursed.
The bank provides up to 10 years loan terms. The repayment method is depend on the discussion among customers and bank.
The minimum loan amount is US$ 5,000. This option is easy for personal consumptions and micro businesses.

Trip To Singapore

24 Jun, 2016

Tomato Specialized Bank had to visit Singapore city on 22 Feb, 2015.  ... [ More ]

The 3rd Bank Anniversary

11 Aug, 2011

Tomato Specialized Bank had celebrated its 3rd Anniversary from 29th to 31st July 2011 at eco-tourism of Mondulkiri Province in Cambodia. After arriving, the management and staff conference was started on July 30, 2011. The conference was summarizing the past performance and planning for coming year. The occasion was a good opportunity between management and staffs to come together sharing and relaxing.  ... [ More ]

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